Friday, August 12, 2011

Blogs are so addicting...

Today, I was on my Thirty-One Director’s group site on Facebook where she shared a link showing how one blogger uses our Organizing Utility Tote as a traveling office. Well of course I had to check out the pics of how this bloggette put our tote to use! So next thing I know, it’s an hour later and I’ve read her post on using our O.U.T. as a portable office which included a bunch of links to other neat-o places within her blog as well as to other organizational blogs. And *of course* I have to click on every link and open a new tab and explore each of these hyperlinked items that are in her post!! I could be missing something that could change my life! Or at least inspire me to transform my overcrowded & junky office into something more sane.

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So I hopped from The Nest Effect to IHeart Organizing and A Bowl Full of Lemons. From IHeart Organizing, I click-hopped to A Thoughtful Place… And it goes on and on! It’s like trying to read everything on the internet –impossible – but I just get sucked in with all of the *brilliant* ideas these bloggers come up with seemingly little-to-no difficulty. Jealous? Mayyybe ;)

I’m the kind of person that gets super jacked up about DIY projects… Like keeps accordion folders full of ideas for things I can do on my own time and dime… And then those ideas stay in that folder… for ever! So I got really excited when I found “Take 5: Five Minute Projects” on A Thoughtful Places’s blog =) I’m aiming to try this idea out in baby girl’s nursery (with coordinating colors).

Speaking of the nursery – the Hubby should be painting it tomorrow while I’m at work!! I can NOT wait to see how it turns out. *Plus* once it’s been painted, we can get the crib (that’s currently in a huge box in our living room) put together!! So it’ll actually look like a real, live nursery – well at least a work-in-progress nursery. Super psyched =)

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