Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thirty-One National Conference!!

Sooo... August 1st through 4th is our Thirty-One National Conference in Atlanta, GA... From what I hear it's a "business changing," if not "life changing" experience not to be missed if you're interested even the least bit in furthering your 31 biz. So of course I signed up!

*Click big balloon to see Highlights from National Conference 2011!*
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This is how much I want to go... 
Disclaimer: These may seem small and insignificant to some, but to me they are *HuGe* things! This is kind of a big deal for me!

(1) I had to borrow the $200 to sign up from my parents (thanks Mom & Dad!).
(2) I'm staying in a room with a bunch of (no doubt fabulous) ladies that I've never met before.
(3) I'm *car.pooling* (I'll let that sit with you a while... yep, car pooling) to ATL... That's like 10 hours... *
(4) I'm leaving my baby girl for the longest time everrrr so far! And did I mention I'm going to be like 10 hours away from her?! *Eek* 

Oh, and did I mention I don't know anyone that's going?!? 

It's OK though, because the excitement outweighs the uncertainties and scaries by far!

I'm looking forward to new friendships, LOTS of motivation and learning, and who's kidding... the FREEBIES!!!

Can't wait :) Will have to post an update when I get back!!

I might be glowing in Pink. It's not hard for this company to make me do that :) They're so Thirty-"Onederful"... yep I went there... corny enough for ya? ;)

Till next time!

*Car pooling is a work in progress... hafta iron out the deets with another Thirty-"Onderful" consultant :) Keeping my fingers crossed it works out! If not, it's bus, train or plane! By my lonesome! Eek!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's New for Thirty-One This Spring?

Well for starters, we are having not just two, but THREE catalogs this year! The Spring catalog will run through April. Here's the break-down:

Spring: Now thru April
Summer: May thru August
Fall / Winter: September thru December

Here's a brief overview of what else you can expect at Thirty-One this season:

1. Personalization is available for the Market Thermal Tote and Littles Carry-All Caddy again!

2. New Hostess Exclusive Products!

3. FREE Booking Bonus with FREE Personalization! (Earned for parties booked at *Your* party.)

4. New Spring 2012 Enrollment Kit

5. Thirty-One Gives Foundation: Celebrating and empowering women and girls

6. Introducing Our Favorites Collection! Retired products / prints available while supplies last!

Here's how you can get additional info:
Holler: 804-433-6538 (text message is fine, too!)

I'm excited about our new Spring line and know you will be, too!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Mermaid Nursery

It's nearly impossible to find nursery items that are ocean / sea / underwater themed that are specifically for a girl! After searching for MONTHS, I came super close to buying one of the green & blue sets with sharks and octopuses on it and sewing on pink cutesy stuff. I (and the hubby) am super glad it didn't come to that thank you to (insert super hero theme here) Pottery Barn Kids! No, they didn't have a little girl underwater themed nursery set, but they DID have a couple of pink seahorse mobiles (we bought the wooden one, but there was also a very adorable pink paper cut-out one) as well as wall stickers that are mermaids, fish, starfish & flowers that match the - wait for it - nursery bedding that we bought! We went with a set that didn't have a theme to it, but instead had the colors we were looking for (mostly aqua & pink). Anyhoo - here are pics of the finished product - I just hope the baby loves the ocean =)

 Pink striped rug, from Lowes.
Basket that was used for favors for our wedding.
Laundry 'basket' and grey tote with polka dots from Thirty-One Gifts (

 This dresser was given to me by a friend when she was moving years ago. It was my dresser at my parent's house - beautiful wood veneer dresser. Hubby painted it, I painted the wooden knobs and we stuck on stickers from Pottery Barn Kids. Ta-da :) 
Lamp is from Target - we added a sticker to that also so it looked like it was part of the nursery "set."
Adorable jewelry box that baby girl got for Christmas that matches her room's colors is from Kohl's.

 Baby girl's massively-fast-growing book collection is on a shelf that used to be black. Hubby spray painted that for me (no paint fumes while preggo!).
The shadow box was a gift, came from Home Goods (loooove that store!).

 Here's a snapshot of her crib without the bedding in it (safety first for the kiddo!!).
We added one of the starfish stickers to the back of the crib, which will later be a head board (convertible crib - yesss!). 
This is the beautiful pink wood & shell mobile from Pottery Barn Kids.
Lucy pup is still sleeping in her room while we're trying to break her into sleeping in her crib at night. We had to ban the pup from our bedroom because she snores like a bear... it's rediculously loud!
Oh - and if you're wondering about the books under the feet of the bed - they're temporarily propping up one side for acid-reflux-prevention-purposes.

 More stickers on the door =)
The collage is photos of: Baby girl, my baby pic, Hubby's baby pic, and a pic of all three of us right before Christmas.
The "M" came from Hobby Lobby - another favorite store of mine!
The frames were wooden, two with cream colored mattes, two without mattes. Hubby spray painted them white and I painted the mattes with paint samples we'd gotten for the room. We *almost* went with lime (and I mean LIME) green on the walls... almost... 

 Another shot of the mobile and mermaid stickers.

 I just love this mobile!!!

 These stickers are over the changing table.
The jelly fish suncatcher was a gift from my mom from a store in WP  called Diving Off the Dock. I haven't been to this store yet, but I see some of the *most* adorable ocean-themed things that come from there... It's on my to-do list!

 I also painted this lightswitch plate with the paint samples we'd gotten for the room.

 Here's a pic of her bedding in her crib. Love love love this set! And it's something she can grow with for a bit. Pottery Barn Kids is a bit on the pricier side - but this stuff will last forever =) Or so I hope... 
Her activity mat is what's green & blue that's sticking out of the top. That's also ocean-themed. We like the beach, can you tell ?!

She even has a whale tub from Target - keeping with the beach / ocean theme. 

Where we shopped / registered / received gifts from:

Let me know what you think! Did you have a DIY nursery? What things did you do yourself? I want to hear all about it!!