Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Bowl Full of Lemons's 21 Day Challege

Perfect to help prep for the baby! Purge purge purge!!
Day 1? Tackle the Junk Drawer... Pics to come...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blogs are so addicting...

Today, I was on my Thirty-One Director’s group site on Facebook where she shared a link showing how one blogger uses our Organizing Utility Tote as a traveling office. Well of course I had to check out the pics of how this bloggette put our tote to use! So next thing I know, it’s an hour later and I’ve read her post on using our O.U.T. as a portable office which included a bunch of links to other neat-o places within her blog as well as to other organizational blogs. And *of course* I have to click on every link and open a new tab and explore each of these hyperlinked items that are in her post!! I could be missing something that could change my life! Or at least inspire me to transform my overcrowded & junky office into something more sane.

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So I hopped from The Nest Effect to IHeart Organizing and A Bowl Full of Lemons. From IHeart Organizing, I click-hopped to A Thoughtful Place… And it goes on and on! It’s like trying to read everything on the internet –impossible – but I just get sucked in with all of the *brilliant* ideas these bloggers come up with seemingly little-to-no difficulty. Jealous? Mayyybe ;)

I’m the kind of person that gets super jacked up about DIY projects… Like keeps accordion folders full of ideas for things I can do on my own time and dime… And then those ideas stay in that folder… for ever! So I got really excited when I found “Take 5: Five Minute Projects” on A Thoughtful Places’s blog =) I’m aiming to try this idea out in baby girl’s nursery (with coordinating colors).

Speaking of the nursery – the Hubby should be painting it tomorrow while I’m at work!! I can NOT wait to see how it turns out. *Plus* once it’s been painted, we can get the crib (that’s currently in a huge box in our living room) put together!! So it’ll actually look like a real, live nursery – well at least a work-in-progress nursery. Super psyched =)

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Sweet Dreams,